John Southworth


John Southworth is one of Canada’s most distinctive and iconoclastic music artists, respected for forging ahead with his own unique brand of music-making, while garnering high praise for his inimitable contribution. 

His songs have been covered by and written for some of Canada's leading artists. His most recent release is Niagara, a uniquely-crafted double record featuring a Canadian and American side, named the 2014 album of the year by Rolling Stone Germany. 

In the previous five years, John traveled a rogue whirlwind, releasing the cassette-only SPIRITUAL WAR cassette tape - a collection of modern peasant songs recorded on a shoebox-size Sony cassette corder model TCM-939, an anti-record of actual rejected jingles (Failed Jingles for Bank of America & other U.S. Corporations), the grave and austere synth-rock of 2009’s Mama Tevatron quickly followed by Human Cry's stunning, elegiac balladry, the grand delusional show-tunes of West Coast Persona 98 EP, and Easterween, a surreal cabaret-operetta featuring the Klezmer-Stravinskyesque arrangements of Juno-winning composer-bassist-cellist Andrew Downing.  

Daydreams for Night is his first book.  He makes his own videos.

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David Ouimet

David Ouimet is a New York-based Artist and Musician.  After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989 he worked on a number of independent films, while scoring music soundtracks for documentary, feature, and short films. 

In the early 1990's he quit the film business to concentrate on music, recorded and appeared on numerous records and performed throughout the world.

In the mid 90's Ouimet decided to focus on his artwork, and began working in the book business.  He has illustrated several children's books, and his work has appeared on album covers, magazines, and newspapers including The New York Times.  Most recently Ouimet has been experimenting with 19th century medical and scientific illustration techniques to create fine art.

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