Thirteen very short stories from acclaimed musician John Southworth will tweak your mind and peak your imagination.  Meet the boy with grey hair, who spends his days on a cargo ship peeling potatoes, a strange man who keeps a Ferris wheel in his backyard, and a whale that lives in a manmade lake on the top of a faraway hill. Chock-full of details in their brevity, they beg to be mused over. Equally intriguing and unusual black and white illustrations by David Ouimet bright the strange, bizarre characters to life.

$17.95 Hardcover ISBN: 978-1927018170

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The Whale Who Lived on a Faraway Hill



The whale who lived on a faraway hill was feeling very blue, mostly

because she was still unsure as to how she ever managed to be living

on a faraway hill in the first place and also because she missed the sea

very much.  After many weeks of spouting nothing but hot air and drowning 

in her misery, she began to slowly make her way down.  When she finally

reached the bottom of  the hill, she found herself in a small mining town.

The kind-hearted people of the small mining had never seen such a 

worried-looking whale before.

So they went immediately to work, filling in their biggest mining pit  

with lake water.  Then, with the help of thirty of their strongest miners,

they lifted the whale and lowered her into their new man-made lake.

The whale was happy and she started to cry.  With all the townspeople

looking on from the side, the whale sang the most beautiful song they 

had ever heard.  It was so beautiful that all the whales in all the oceans 

heard it, and they too sang out with joy, and the whale who had lived 

on a faraway hill trembled with love.