T-shirts are currently sold out.  Check back soon for availablity to purchase exclusively from this site.  Please note that the size is L.   All shirts are black as the night, with the image of the book jacket on the front.

Black Daydreams T-Shirt
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If you would like to purchase books you can either ask at your favorite book shop or go to Simply Read Books for further ordering information.  You can order online from the following sites:  Barnes and Noble, Powell's, or Amazon.  If you are in Canada you can order from the following sites: Indigo, Amazon.  If you are on the tiny island of Simitu you can ask the young man who owns the old Ice Cream truck.  


If art is your thing, you can buy limited-edition prints and original artwork from Daydreams at Night. You'll need to head over to the cargo collective. http;//cargocollective.com/DavidOuimet

We have run out of chimney sweeper hats and tickets for the ferris wheel.  

$17.95 Hardcover ISBN: 978-1927018170

Available at fine book shops everywhere.

  A young chimney sweeper displays a new shirt.

  A young chimney sweeper displays a new shirt.